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Pool Update  9/8/19:


Click the above 2019 Football Pool link or click here to get to the Login page and make your pick for the week.


The cutoff for entering your picks each week is NOW 3:00 A.M. ET Sunday mornings, except on weekends where there are Saturday games, then it is 11:00 A.M. ET Saturday morning.

Keep tabs on this page and the pool login page
as the cutoff time for Weeks late in the year may be changed.

Make sure your picks are sent in early or you will receive the default pick.  The main rule change from last year is that a default pick which is placed as a result of an illegal pick cannot win a pool bracket.  The pool will be extended another week. 

Please read the login page for more information about this.


NFL Team Helmets

Sunday - 9/8/2019 - The league is playing now.

Registration - For fantasy league teams, please go to and register free for boardff fantasy league to view the rosters.  The instructions tell you how to join the cbs fantasy league for The Boardff.  For teams that have played in the past you do not have to register since you are already in the league.  However, if you have changed e-mail addresses or have bought a new PC since last year you may have to logon manually the first time since the cookie the site uses to log you in automatically is not on your new computer yet. 

Football Links:  ESPN  NFL  USA Today
CNNSI  Find a Paper  Hometown Papers



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